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Kami bless my manga-complicated life.

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Gawd. My life is a mess. My love life to be exact. Kim-pon, we need to talk. You can start lay-outing for the manga you're gonna base my crazy world on.

back back back!
Oh my god. It's been a while since I last posted anything here. I was too preoccupied with my OTHER journal that I almost forgot this one existed. ALMOST. Hehehe... I've just finished watching all of Gakuen Heaven and I'm gearing up for a new fic. I know it's been too long but this is what I really wanna do. Write FICTION. I don't really feel like working with essays and movie reviews. I just wanna write stories. So, I'm going to dig deeper into myself and bring all that I find into my fics. I miss them. I'm actually going to start a personal project. Fandom. Hehe. They come and ago. I'm going to call this CLASSICS. Entries with ancient fandoms like Rurouni Kenshin and Slam Dunk. I want to bring back teh LOVE! Hoohoo! By the way, can someone tell me how I can make those heart marks without having to copy one off another lj?

I attended my first class today. It was fun. ^__^ We didn't have an actual lesson yet but I felt a good vibe from my new classmates. We're a small group. Thank goodness. We're gonna be watching French and Italian films... Independent projects that never make it to the big screen... Great-o! I found some of my fellow delegates while wandering around campus after my class. We touched on the subject of last year's student council elections. -_- It was fun playing conspiracy theorist all over again.

Sad philosophers
I was a wreck last night. I felt the accumulated loneliness of my whole being. That's probably the most accurate description. Sigh... Last night, I told simply_kim , who was then sipping tea at 12 midnight, that I believe in the fictional and that's what makes me so sad... :' She told me that I needed to stop dwelling on this emptiness and just immerse myself in the activities at school. It worked, I suppose. I came home with a smile on my face. Still, it's night again. -_-

I know we aren't to meet yet. But this is the time I need him most.


Where are you, dammit!!!

it's hot. -_-
It's hot. -_-
9 AM in the morning and my back is already wet. This is not a very good season. I wish I don't have to go to school today. :S It's our official turnover so I know I have to go but I can't even remember what time it's supposed to start. All I can remember is that it's some time this afternoon. Gah... The heat is unbearable! Last night, we turned the air conditioning unit on and now my body's still hungry for it. The only good thing about this morning is that I managed to connect online without much trouble and that we have breakfast downstairs.

Having a Toushiro boyfriend would be soooo convenient right now. Bankai! >:)

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I got this meme from simply_kim. :) I wanted to get Aizen for my partner but it just doesn't happen. On one try, I even got Yamamoto! :0

Your own Bleach profile by Kazuko Kimura
ZanpakutouTobiume (Flying Plum Blossoms)
Preferrable Partner (Bleach)Ukitake Juushirou
Preferrable rivalJidanbou
Age (in soul society years)29,479
Financial status$975,616,081
Shikai/BankaiTenma warau (Heaven's demon laughs)
Date of birthFebruary 3, 2017
Wanna look likeKira Izuru
Chance to take over the world: 41%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

It's okay if I look like Kira. I'll wear slinky clothes and get Aizen and Gin to notice me! Muwahahaha!

tests to distract
Could you Pass 8th Grade Math? and other tests > <table width=350 align=center border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=2><tr><td bgcolor=Collapse )

"Pissed off" is my favorite word
Z-E-R-OCollapse )

*_* Something new's brewing...
I have an interview tomorrow. And I'm here typing. My brother has returned from the land of our ancestors. Woohoo! And an old interest sparks again! My, oh, my... *_*
My brother has certainly matured. I'm glad. And some guy *ahem* sent me a how are you message. You know the kind... We talked about random stuff, about movies, anime... I can't believe he's also addicted to Bleach right now. And I thought he was going to ask me out. hahahaha... I'm enjoying the ride though... It gives me something to think about and he's not bad at all... Who knows... ^___^ I'll probably have more to type tomorrow, after my interview. For now, I'm just going to lurk around and read amazing Ichigo x Ishida NC_17 fics.


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